Is your baby shivering because of the cold?

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Is your baby feeling cold?

Is your baby feeling cold?

Sep 01, 2021

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Is your baby shivering because he/she is cold? Is shivering normal for babies?

What causes shivers?

Shivers are caused by rapid tightening and relaxing of body muscles to generate heat to maintain normal body temperature. This process is called homeostasis.

Are baby shivers normal?rsz_7o0a9848_300x

Absolutely YES! However, it’s important to note that baby shivers are not always an indication that they are feeling cold.

Hunger-induced shivers

Have you woken up in the MOTN and noticed your little one shivering? This kind of shivers could be due to low blood sugar levels. Sometimes babies do sleep past their regular feeding timings and wake up abruptly crying in hunger. These hunger pangs are often accompanied by body shivers indicating that their small bodies require “sugar” top-up!

Temperature-induced shivers in babies

Babies undergo a process called thermogenesis by burning body fats to keep them warm. Smaller babies have less body fats to exhaust. Hence, it is important for parents to swaddle their newborns to help them maintain their body temperatures. Choosing a good swaddle is important, as a poor-quality swaddle can prevent affect air flow and cause heat rashes on your little ones’ delicate skin.


However, if you notice other signs/symptoms such as fever, sudden fatigue, poor appetite, or changes in their skin colour, do consult a doctor/paediatrician immediately!



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